The iPhone 3GS is arguably the most popular phone for 2009. It's the phone that every would love to own.

However, there are a few things that you need to know if you want to get the best out of your iPhone. You need to know about the tips on the new iPhone 3GS because they will teach you useful shortcuts and cool tricks. There may also be some useful information on how to make your batteries last longer.

I see no point in delaying this any longer so let's proceed with the list of tips and tricks.

tips on the new iPhone 3GS

Taking a screen shot: Simply hold the iPhone's "home" button, then hit the "power/sleep" button. The screen will flash for a brief moment and the current screen contents will be saved to the Camera Roll.

Turn Off Vibrate in Games: You don't really need vibrate to enjoy most of the games so turn it off to extend battery life.

Text Messaging For Free: Try FreeMMS. This is available for only $1 app from the App Store. It's really worth it because it allows users to send unlimited text messages--even picture messages--with out any charge.

Closing an Frozen App: Buggy apps are common even on the new iPhone. To forcibly quit a frozen app, simply press the Home button for at least six seconds.

Minimize use of 3D programs: three dimensional technology is cool but it drains a lot of power so use programs that use it sparingly to get more out of your battery.

Use Auto Lock: This useful feature allows one to save power because it automatically piuts the handset in sleep mode after a a certain amount of time. Go to Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock to enable this feature.

These are just a few of the tips on the new iPhone 3GS. Do a bit of research on the web to find some more.

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Unlocked cell phones provide a lot of freedom for consumers. Those who want to transfer to a different network can bring along an unlocked cell phone and get a new SIM card for the new service provider.

These phones also do not come with a mobile phone contract so a user will not be bound to a carrier for two long years.

Let's look at some unlocked cell phones for AT&T. We need to limit the phones to a single carrier to make this post short and interesting. Or else we may end up with an article that's hundreds of paragraphs long. There are too many unlocked phones in the market so we need to set a limit.

unlocked cell phones for AT&T

Nokia N97: This is Nokia's premiere phone for 2009. However, Nokia does not have a strong relationship with US carriers so this marvelous phone has to be sold unlocked. The Nokia N97 is being sold for as low as $678.

LG KP500: This affordable touchscreen phone is very popular with millions of units sold through out the globe. The Cookie is being offered for only $148.

LG CU400: A simple and very cheap mobile phone. It is available for as low as $63.

BlackBerry Curve 8900: A compact smartphone with a good camera. This new Curve is being sold for around $ 485.

Samsung BlackJack I616: A solid smartphone for business and regular consumers. Available for as low as $ 160.

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic: This this the maker's second touchscreen phone. Suitable for a music phone that can play different formats. Sold at around $270.

Samsung i8910 Omnia: A high-end touchscreen phone with loads of advanced features and a powerful camera. Priced at around $700.

Nokia 6790 Surge: A smartphone with a futuristic design and a text keyboard. Sold at around $340.

These are just some of the unlocked cell phones for AT&T. There are plenty of sellers online so I'm sure you'll find the phone you want with a bit of research.

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Sprint has arguably the best mobile phone line-up among the major US carriers. With the exception of the iPhone OS, the Now Network covers all the major platforms. They have the Tour for BlackBerry users, the Palm Pre for webOS, and the HTC Touch Pro2 for Windows Mobile.

A lot of consumers are interested in the Touch Pro2. This was recognized by service providers and thus the WinMo phone is now available across major carriers. However, these devices are not identical since they operate on different networks. Thus, certain consumers are interested in
Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 specifications because it's devoted to their preferred network.

Let's list the Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 specifications on this blog. I'm sure that it will be useful for Now Network subscribers.

Model: HTC Touch Pro2 (T7373)

Processor: Qualcomm MSM7200A™, 528 MHz
Operating System: Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional
Memory: ROM: 512 MB, RAM: 288 MB
Dimensions: (LxWxT) 116 X 59.2 X 16.65 mm
Weight: 178.5 grams (6.3 ounces) with battery
Display: 3.6-inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen with 480 X 800 WVGA resolution
Network: HSPA/WCDMA: Europe/Asia: 900/2100 MHz, Up to 2 Mbps up-link and 7.2 Mbps down-link speeds, Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Europe/Asia: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz,
Device Control: TouchFLO 3D, Zoom bar
Keyboard: Slide-out 5-row QWERTY keyboard
GPS: Internal GPS antenna
Connectivity: Bluetooth® 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate and A2DP for wireless stereo headsets
Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g
HTC ExtUSB: (11-pin mini-USB 2.0, audio jack, and TV Out* in one)
Main camera: 3.2 megapixel color camera with auto focus
Second camera: VGA CMOS color camera
Audio supported formats: AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, QCP, MP3, WMA, WAV, MIDI, M4A
Video supported formats: WMV, ASF, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, M4V, AVI
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, 1500 mAh
Expansion Slot: microSD memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
AC Adapter: Voltage range/frequency: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
DC output: 5V and 1A
Special Features: G-Sensor, Straight Talk, Noise-canceling dual microphones and speakers

Those are the Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 specifications. You should visit the Sprint or HTC website to get complete information on this exciting device.

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The Garmin n├╝vifone G60 turned a lot of head when it was launched. Unfortunately, delays over the release of the device have virtually sucked out all of the spotlight from this GPS-centric phone. Fortunately, AT&T has finally managed to ink a deal to sell the device finally giving it a chance to reach consumers after being shelved for two years.

The Garmin G60 AT&T will be on available beginning October 4 which is two days after this post has been published. The device is exclusive only to AT&T and it's partners so it's distribution is still limited. But it's a start.

But why would consumers purchase Garmin G60 AT&T since newer and more technologically advanced handsets are out in the market. Well, this handset is targeted towards GPS mobile phone users.

This upcoming AT&T handset comes with Garmin's expertise and experience in the field of GPS. One can expect this handset to provide easy-to-use location experiences. It's also a device that fully integrates voice, data and mobile web with its GPS navigator capabilities.

Users will find the Garmin G60 AT&T to be a very useful device for travel. This mobile phone provides maps and millions of points of interest (POI) for North America. It's also a great gadget for in-car navigation. It will come with a dashboard and windshield mount making it ideal for portable navigational use.

Let's talk about other features. One can expect this device to keep up with most of the modern phones on the market. The n├╝vifone is equipped with a three megapixel camera with auto-focus and geotagging which supplies an exact latitude and longitude reference for the image.

Users can also surf the web with the handset's good HTML web browser. Consumers can also use the carrier's 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots to access the web. Text messaging is also fast and easy with the touch-screen virtual keyboard. The G60 is also blazing fast with the aid of the 3G network.

If you're an AT&T subscriber and you want a solid GPS phone then the G60 is one of the best choices you can make. In 48 hours or less, one can get the chance to try out the very promising Garmin G60.